New in men rock

New in men rock

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Men Rock was born in 2013 as a men's grooming brand inspired by traditional shaving routines and the legacy of Barbershop culture. In 2013, it was a big year for us! We enjoyed collaborating with dozens of barbers, constantly learning and developing high-quality grooming essentials for 21st-century gentlemen.


At some point, it hit us - tradition doesn't cover it all. Due to deep-rooted stereotypes about how men approach self-care, the men's grooming category has often generalized male aesthetics and failed to represent the diverse expressions of masculinity thriving today.

While we continue to enhance our traditional grooming products, we are also on a mission to embrace the limitless expressions of male identity. We aim to expand our assortment with morally conscious, high-quality products that are relevant to all forms of masculinity. Our goal is to make self-expression accessible to all men who rock it and own it.

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