Shaving Soap

Luxury artisan shaving soap for a close, smooth shave. Full of natural essential oils to keep your skin smooth and hydrated. From the semi-soft Italian soaps to the semi solid Stirling soaps to solid hard soaps like Martin De Candre. Choose from a range of scents that highlight Citrus bright notes down to the deep and fruity to sumptuous Leather, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Vanilla and Spice.
Shop the full range below, or use the filters to refine the shaving soap range to exactly what you want. You can also see shaving Soap faq's here.

Stirling Vanilla Sandalwood Shaving Soap

Stirling Soap Co

£16.40 GBP

    Stirling Varen Shaving Soap Jar

    Stirling Soap Co

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      Stirling Witchy Woman Shaving Soap

      Stirling Soap Co

      £16.40 GBP

        TFS Shaving Soap "V" P-671 150ml

        Tcheon Fung Sing (TFS)

        £14.29 GBP

          Trafalgar Shaving Soap

          Phoenix & Beau

          £13.99 GBP

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            Shaving Soap FAQ's

            Here we go over some typical questions that people ask about Shaving Soap:

            What does shaving soap do?

            Shaving soap once lathered creates a thick and luxurious layer between the razor blade and your skin, resulting in an unbeatable razor glide across your skin with less friction, and therefore less skin damage that would otherwise create irritation, nicks, cuts, razor burn, and redness. The post shave feel is smooth, supple and hydrated.

            Why use shaving Soap?

            Shaving Soap is so much better than the chemical-filled gels and foams that are available in the supermarkets. They are beneficial because it helps to soften beard hairs making them easier to cut during shaving, resulting in a more comfortable shave and less skin irritation. They're also full of essential oils and butters, which can help improve your skin.

            How to lather and apply shaving Soap?

            You have 2 choices, you can lather straight to face or use a bowl. The process is the same, Pour a little warm water to the top of the soap puck and soak your brush in warm water for a few minutes. Shake the brush of excessive water, empty the soap puck of water then apply the damp brush to the soap and with several rotations apply the soap to the brush tips. This is a personal choice, I go for more rather than less!

            To apply the shaving soap, use your shaving brush in a circular motion around your face, starting with the sideburns and neck, if the lather looks too dry and like a paste, dip the brush tips into the warm water and continue to rotate over your beard growth, repeat until you have a thick covering of lather over your face. Finish lathering with a painting motion over your face and mouth (being careful not to fill your nose with lather!). It's best then to clear your lips to avoid swallowing any, then expose your sideburns near the hairline to ensure you can get an accurate shave.

            The same lather building process can be applied to a bowl before applying the lather to your face with the same rotational and paint brushing movements.

            What is better shaving cream or soap?

             Shaving creams tend to be better for beginners, being softer and easier to generate a lather, whereas shaving soaps are slightly harder and require more practice to get the perfect amount of water mix for your lather.