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Luxury artisan shaving creams for a close, smooth shave. Full of natural essential oils to keep your skin smooth and hydrated.
Our shave cream includes top artisanal brands like Extro Cosmesi, Proraso, and Cella, and you can filter the range by luxurious scents such as Vanilla, Lemon, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Menthol, Orange, and more.
Shop the full range below, or use the filters to refine the shaving cream range to exactly what you want. You can also see shaving cream faq's here.

Extro Cosmesi Bay Rum Shaving Cream

Extrò Cosmesi

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    Luxury Shaving Cream

    You can match these creams with an aftershave balm for post-shave care on sensitive skin, and add a matching moisturiser for dry skin. Moisturising your skin should be part of your daily skincare routine. We stock all of the best selling brands, better than any shave gel or shaving foam out there. Some shaving cream comes in a tub, but the majority is in bowl type containers. Our range includes creams perfect for all skin types, for the best shaving experience, using a rich lather for a smooth, perfect shave every time. Get a clean shave with original ingredients, like Aloe Vera, Coconut oil, Sandalwood, and more.

    Shaving Cream FAQ's

    Here we go over some typical questions that people ask about Shaving cream:

    What does shaving cream do?

    shaving cream

    Shaving cream is used to create a thin layer of protection between the razor blade and your skin, resulting in less friction, and therefore less skin damage that would otherwise create irritation, nicks, cuts, razor burn, and redness. The best razor glide is achieved with shaving cream or soap.

    Why use shaving cream?

    Shaving cream is beneficial because it helps to soften beard hairs making them easier to cut during shaving, resulting in a more comfortable shave and less skin irritation. They're also full of essential oils, which can help improve your skin. It can also give you a barber style experience at home. The best way to shave your stubble and facial hair - a smooth, hassle-free shave.

    How to lather and apply shaving cream?

    The best way to lather shaving cream is to first add a small amount of cream into your shaving bowl or mug, then use a damp brush to quickly circle the shaving bowl (dabbing in water to keep it damp where necessary) until you have a thick creamy lather.

    To apply shaving cream, use your shaving brush in a circular motion around your face, starting with the sideburns and neck, then finishing with a painting motion onto your mouth (being careful not to fill your nose with cream!). It's best then to clear your lips to avoid swallowing any, then expose your sideburns near the hairline to ensure you can get an accurate shave. Make sure to really work the bristles in for the best coverage.

    How to lather shaving cream without a brush?

     You can work some cream into damp hands to create a lather for a brushless option, then apply directly to the face. However, for the best real shaving experience, it's best to use a brush.

    What is better shaving cream or soap?

     Shaving creams tend to be better for beginners, being softer and easier to generate a lather, whereas shaving soaps are slightly harder and require more practice to get the perfect amount of water mix for your lather.

    The best shaving creams use natural ingredients, essential oils and are paraben-free, helping to nourish your skin at the same time as shaving. stocks all of the shaving products you need for the best traditional wet shaving experience, leaving your skin feeling exceptional.