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Taylor of Old Bond Street

Taylor of Old Bond St Shaving Cream - Tobacco Leaf 150g

Taylor of Old Bond St Shaving Cream - Tobacco Leaf 150g

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Grab a chair and lets talk cigars and coffee

Taylor of Old Bond Street's Tobacco Leaf is a warming and rich fragranced shaving cream which simply invites you into a well worn leather chair infused with aged tobacco leaf, and a hint of coffee and flora.

TOBS Shaving Cream creates a uniquely smooth and creamy lather whilst protecting and moisturising the skin to give a better shave. Vegan and Paraben Free.

Fragrance notes: A distinctive tobacco fragrance supported by tones of Bergamot & Grapefruit with subtle, lingering notes of Coffee & Leather.

An almond sized scraping of cream will produce enough lather for at least 2 passes.

Best applied with a Shaving Brush

Taylor of Old Bond Street's reputation for creating luxurious shaving cream is unsurpassed. A rich creamy lather that will soften the bristles ready for that perfect shave!

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