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Captain Fawcett

Captain Fawcett Faux Badger Shaving Brush

Captain Fawcett Faux Badger Shaving Brush

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Captain Fawcett Faux Badger Shaving Brush

The Captain Fawcett Faux Badger shaving brush is a modern and animal-friendly alternative to the traditional badger hair model. Its synthetic bristles are designed to replicate the water-retaining qualities of badger hair while being vegan-friendly and ideal for sensitive skin. The brush comes with an imitation ivory handle, bright silver accents, and Captain Fawcett's monogram, paying tribute to the Captain's treasured shaving brush. This durable brush uses the Captain's shaving soaps to produce a voluminous lather for a closer wet shave. All badgers can rest easy knowing they are not being used for this purpose. Huzzah!

How to apply

Immerse your shaving brush in warm water and shake off excess. Dip into shaving soap and, using circular motions, work up a rich, warm, creamy lather and apply to the beard area. Proceed to shave. After use, the shaving brush should be rinsed thoroughly in warm water and left to dry naturally.

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