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Rockwell safety razor 6s stainless steel

Rockwell safety razor 6s stainless steel

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Rockwell safety razor 6s stainless steel

Introducing the Rockwell safety razor 6S stainless steel, crafted entirely from pure stainless steel and designed to provide an amazing shaving experience. Say goodbye to expensive plastic razors and skin irritation forever. With the Rockwell 6S, shaving will become a pleasurable experience you'll look forward to repeating.

Our patented Rockwell design allows you to adjust the blade's distance from the plate, enabling you to experiment with the one that suits your shaving style best, ensuring a completely personalized experience. The beginner shaving setting makes it easy for anyone to switch to this type of shaving.

The Rockwell 6S helps prevent the growth of ingrown hairs and skin irritation, protecting your skin. It's perfect for anyone who shaves their face, head, body, legs, or armpits, and it eliminates razor burns, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation after shaving.
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 118gr
Razor length: 95mm
Handle diameter: 13mm
Handle length: 85mm
Finish: Matte
GAP from the R1 to R6 head:
R1: 0.20 mm
R2: 0.35 mm
R3: 0.48 mm
R4: 0.61 mm
R5: 0.69 mm
R6: 0.79 mm

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