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Slick Gorilla Clay Pomade Firm Hold 70 gr.

Slick Gorilla Clay Pomade Firm Hold 70 gr.

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Slick Gorilla Clay Pomade Firm Hold 70 gr.

Slick Gorilla Clay Pomade is suitable for all hair-types and will help to separate, define and mold your hair. It offers a high hold that you can restyle with a matte finish. You will get a lot of texture and that is why this hair clay is perfect for those messy hairstyles.

Slick Gorilla Clay Pomade is completely vegan and works best for messy hairstyles with a lot of texture. Your hair will look natural, and you can easily restyle throughout the day. This product adds a lot of definition to your hair. The formula does not contain any parabens or sulphates.

Key ingredients Clay Pomade Slick Gorilla:

- Bentonite: absorbs excessive oil from your hair for a natural, matte finish.

- Kaolin: provides a high hold and a matte finish.

- Castor oil: hydrates your hair and promotes natural hair growth.

How to use the Slick Gorilla Clay Pomade:

Rub a small amount of Slick Gorilla Clay between your hands and apply it in dry or slightly damp hair. In damp hair you will get more shine. Use your hands for styling if you want to keep your hairstyle more natural or use a hair styling tool to go for a more groomed look.

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