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Stirling aftershave campania 100ml

Stirling aftershave campania 100ml

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Stirling aftershave Campania 100ml

An incredible blend of grapefruit, bergamot, citron, lemon, fig, jasmine, pink pepper, cedar, and benzoin. It's a fresh, citrus predominant scent that has lasting strength. Inspired by Acqua di Parma's Fico di Amalfi. Capture the essence of the Mediterranean with the refreshing, long-lasting fragrance of Stirling aftershave campania. Expertly blended with a variety of invigorating citrus notes, including grapefruit, bergamot, citron, and lemon, along with delicate florals like jasmine, this scent is perfect for any occasion. Infused with pink pepper, cedar, and benzoin, it exudes a touch of sophistication and luxury, just like Acqua di Parma's Fico di Amalfi that inspired it. Enhance your grooming routine with the vibrant and invigorating benefits of Stirling aftershave campania 100ml.

Size: 100ml

Ingredients: Denatured Alcohol, Witch Hazel, Fragrance Oil, Aloe, Glycerin, Hydrovance.

* In the interest of maintaining value for money, some Stirling products may contain synthetic fragrance oils.

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