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The Goodfellas’ smile safety razor Bayonetta-gold brass

The Goodfellas’ smile safety razor Bayonetta-gold brass

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The Goodfellas’ smile safety razor Bayonetta

The Goodfellas’ Smile safety razor Bayonetta

Entirely designed and made in Italy, the safety razor Bayonetta represents the latest creation by The Goodfellas’ Smile. This extraordinary razor combines elegance and precision in detail. It is entirely crafted using CNC machining in uncoated CW510L brass with a satin-finished sandblasted effect.

The safety razor Bayonetta comprises three detachable parts (handle, plate, and cap). It offers a gentle yet effective shaving experience, thanks to its 0.65 mm gap and a positive exposure of 0.15 mm. The handle, measuring 87 mm in length and 13 mm in diameter, joins the head, 43 mm wide, for a total assembled razor length of 95 mm and a weight of 99 grams.

Please Note.: All our CNC-manufactured razors are made by EN-ISO 22768mK. The entire razor is made of solid brass and is sandblasted for a satin-bright finish. As with all uncoated brass objects, a patina will form over time, and surfaces will tend to darken. Proper routine maintenance of the razor involves washing and rinsing each component thoroughly after each use, drying it well with a cloth before storing it assembled, preferably without a razor blade.

Technical features

Material: Uncoated and sandblasted satin-finished CW510L brass, CNC machined

Gap: 0.65mm

Exposure: Positive 0.15mm

Handle: Length 87mm, diameter 13mm

Head: Width 43mm x 22.3mm

Razor length: 95mm

Weight: 99g

Made in Italy

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