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The Goodfellas' Smile

The Goodfellas’ smile synthetic shaving brush The Deep

The Goodfellas’ smile synthetic shaving brush The Deep

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The Goodfellas’ smile synthetic shaving brush The Deep


Experience the luxurious, yet low-maintenance benefits of The Deep shaving brush. Designed with a versatile structure and high-quality synthetic fibres, this brush effortlessly creates a rich and velvety lather without the hassle of constant upkeep. Say goodbye to excessive moisture buildup and welcome a long-lasting, durable brush that can withstand heat and chemicals up to 230 degrees centigrade.


Specifications synthetic shaving brush The Deep
Tuft knot: 24mm
Clump height: approx. 50mm
Clump type: Synthetic
Handle height: 52mm approx.
Handle material: resin
Total weight: 88gr

Maintenance tips synthetic shaving brush The Deep

This shaving brush does not require any type of activation.
We suggest an initial vacuum fitting to clean any residual dust from the fibres.
Once used, dry the shaving brush thoroughly.

Please note:
All synthetic fibres are sensitive to UV rays which cause them to age. They are potentially eternal if properly stored.

Why choose a synthetic fibre shaving brush?

Many people ask whether the best shaving brushes are synthetic or badger. The answer is -depends on the quality of the product used to make it-.
Assuming that both brushes are of excellent quality, several factors will determine the choice. From our point of view, the versatility, immediacy of use, lack of maintenance and lower purchase price together with the minimal water absorption of the (high quality) synthetic tuft and the optimal release of shaving soap in the face make the synthetic shaving brush a winning and satisfying solution for both the neophyte and more experienced user.

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