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Parker safety razor 63C Gold rose open comb

Parker safety razor 63C Gold rose open comb

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Parker safety razor 63C Gold rose open comb

The Parker 63C Gold Rose Open Comb Safety Razor is a popular choice for those who want a close shave without the harshness associated with some other open comb safety razors. Unlike similar products from German manufacturers, such as Merkur and Muhle, this razor is designed to be gentle on the skin while still providing an effective shave. The elegant Goldrose plating adds to the razor's stylish appearance, making it a great option for both beginners and experts alike. With its open comb design, the 63C Safety Razor is ideal for dealing with longer beards, delivering a comfortable and efficient shave every time. For those who want to know the technical details, the razor's specifications are 

Type: Three piece safety razor, Open Comb Head

Head: Open comb (Open Comb)

Weight: 96 grams

Overall length: 10.5 cm

Handle material: Brass frame – Rose Gold and Chrome plated.

Head material: Zamak

Made in India by Parker Safety Razors.

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