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Edwin Jagger

Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Synthetic Silver Tip Brush (Ivory)

Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Synthetic Silver Tip Brush (Ivory)

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Stylish vegan-friendly shaving with Silver Tip Fibre!

Hand-made in Sheffield, this distinctive shaving brush sports a polished ebony coloured polyester handle filled with the finest synthetic Silver Tip fibre.

Synthetic Silver Tip fibre is a great alternative to animal hair so an ideal choice for vegetarians or vegans. As well as being softer, synthetic fibre dries quicker yet performs just as well as the animal hair traditionally used for shaving brushes. For authenticity, The Edwin Jagger name is branded on the body of the shaving brush.

Overall Length: 99 mm
Handle Diameter: 33mm
Knot Size: 21mm

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