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Epsilon Blue Shaving Soap 80gr

Epsilon Blue Shaving Soap 80gr

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Epsilon Blue Shaving Soap 80gr


Experience ultimate shaving pleasure with Epsilon Blue Shaving Soap. Our unique formula, enriched with natural ingredients and active agents, nourishes and cares for your skin. Soften your hair and prepare your skin for a smooth shave with our rich and dense foam. Say goodbye to scratches and irritation and enjoy an indescribable splash sensation every day. Our soap also soothes and revitalizes your skin, leaving you with a pleasant feeling of well-being. Try it now with a shaving brush for a truly soft and luxurious texture.


about epsilon
Our products are made in Spain with passion. At Epsilon, we are driven by a constant enthusiasm and courage to create high-quality products for men. We aim to offer a wide range of products that truly help men improve and enjoy taking care of their image and body. Our products are made in Valencia, Spain, near the Mediterranean Sea, and our brand is infused with the Mediterranean lifestyle of light, joy, and the sea. We believe in offering a lifestyle and attitude for the contemporary man, not just top-quality products.


For three generations, our family's tradition of artistry and entrepreneurship has been the backbone of our company. Since 1940, Juan José Julián (CEO of Epsilon)'s grandfather and father have been devoted to the male grooming industry, passing down their values of passion for shaving and caring for men. Our love for the Mediterranean, our land, and the artisanal heritage that runs through our veins is what drives us to create the finest products.


 Indulge in the essence of the Mediterranean with our unique selection of ingredients and fragrances. Our goal is to provide effective, functional, and simple products for the modern, elegant, and versatile man. Discover a sensory experience in your daily care routine that will take you wherever you choose.

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