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Grave Before Shave Beard Butter - Cigar Blend

Grave Before Shave Beard Butter - Cigar Blend

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Grave Before Shave Beard Butter - Cigar Blend 

About this product

Experience the luxurious benefits of Grave Before Shave Beard Butter, a 4 oz. beard conditioner that leaves your beard and skin deeply softened. Made with only the best butters and oils, this butter contains no beeswax, minimizing hair pulling and damage when brushing comes in a large 4 oz. container, this beard butter is crafted with the finest ingredients to provide itch relief and prevent beard-ruff. Easily apply by scooping out a desired amount and dissolving it between your hands before shaping or styling with hands, comb, or brush. Elevate your beard care routine with Grave Before Shave.

Grave Before Shave (GBS) emerged from a quest for quality facial hair care. Wayne Bailey, spurred on by his wife Heather's encouragement, delved into the world of facial hair grooming post-marriage. Starting with a musketeer-style handlebar moustache and goatee, he encountered difficulties sourcing satisfactory moustache wax. Disappointed by options like Clubman's, Bailey sought alternatives, even resorting to imported wax from England, which proved both pricey and time-consuming.

Refusing to settle, Bailey embarked on experimentation and research, drawing from his grandfather's recipe and collaborating with friend Charlie Halstead on branding. The result? Fisticuffs Mustache Wax, a hit in the US market. Yet, Bailey's ambition didn't stop there; transitioning to a full beard, he realized his calling lay in fully embracing the facial hair lifestyle – hence, Grave Before Shave.

With unwavering support from loved ones and Halstead's artistic flair, GBS expanded into the industry's leading beard product brand. Bailey's determination and passion for quality grooming products have solidified GBS's position as a go-to for beard enthusiasts nationwide.

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