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Parker Straight Razor - SRBBA

Parker Straight Razor - SRBBA

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Parker Straight Razor - SRBBA

Parker have been supplying razors since 1973 and offer an unparalleled line of barber straight razors all designed to offer the experience of straight shaving without the need for an expensive straight razor, strop and honing stones.  Used by Barbers and shavers across the World.

Simply pick your favorite double edge blade, snap it in half. Raise the clip up at the razor business end and put it in the razor using the guides , lower the clip down and you’re good to go. 

Parker straight razor SRBBA has a stainless steel blade arm with black finish and a black plastic handle.

No sharpening or honing required! 

Razor Type: Parker straight razor SRBBA – Clip type barber razor
Weight: 36,8 gr
Length: 14,7 cm.
Handle Material: Contoured Black Plastic
Razor Arm: Stainless Steel with premium black finish

Made in India by Parker Safety Razors

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