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Pearl safety razor K2

Pearl safety razor K2

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Pearl safety razor K2


The Pearl Safety Razor K2 boasts a three-piece design that allows for easy disassembly, thorough cleaning, and precise blade alignment. This unique structure ensures maximum convenience and safety, as well as a smooth and gentle shave. Equipped with protected sides, the K2 razor offers exceptional protection against cuts and irritation. With carefully exposed blades and a high-density head, this razor is perfect for all skin types and both beginners and experienced shavers. Plus, it comes with two interchangeable handles for a personalized grip and an elegant design to add a touch of style to your shaving routine. Trust the K2 safety razor for a top-notch shaving experience every time.


Product features:

Color: high-quality chrome and matte silver
Handle material: brass metal
Total razor height (with head): 11.5 cm
Short handle height (without head): 7.5 cm
Short handle weight (without head): 40 grams
Long handle height (without head) ): 10 cm
Long handle weight (without head): 50 grams
Head material: zinc alloy
Head type: closed comb (zinc alloy)
Head weight: 36 grams
Head width: 5 cm (without blade protrusion)
Total razor weight: 126 grams

Package includes:
1 long handle
1 short handle
1 closed comb head
1 user guide
10 high-quality blades
1 microfiber cloth

The Pearl Safety Razor K2 is a high-quality product, designed to ensure a comfortable and safe shaving experience. With its high-density head, protected sides, and accurate blade exposure, this razor is ideal for both beginners and experts. The presence of two interchangeable handles, one long and one short, allows the razor to adapt to the personal preferences of each user. Made entirely in India, the K2 safety razor combines tradition and innovation, offering a durable and superior quality product.

Made in India

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