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Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

Phoenix Shaving - Platinum Super Sharps DE Razor Blades 5 pack

Phoenix Shaving - Platinum Super Sharps DE Razor Blades 5 pack

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Phoenix Shaving's platinum double-edge razor blades are made from high-quality Swedish steel that is double coated with platinum and PTFE. The double coating provides durability, drag reduction and lower friction over multiple uses, resulting in a smooth and consistent shaving experience.

The platinum strangelet double-edge blade is inspired by popular razors such as Voskhod and Feather and has been eagerly awaited by wet shaving enthusiasts. It is a sharp and smooth blade that is both efficient and comfortable.

These blades come in a tuck of five and are manufactured in China using imported Swedish Steel. Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements, a famous shaving brand from the USA, produces these blades. Their product range includes a variety of shaving brushes, pre-shave cube soaps, vegan shaving soaps, CK-6 formula shaving soaps and long-lasting aftershaves that blur the lines between aftershave and cologne.

pack of 5 blades only 

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