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Plisson 1808

Plisson 1808 Shavette Gold Aluminum

Plisson 1808 Shavette Gold Aluminum

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Plisson 1808 Shavette Gold Aluminum

Plisson 1808 is steeped in the rich heritage of French luxury, founded in Paris over 200 years ago. With the honour of being the world's oldest badger brush manufacturer, Plisson truly takes pride in its history. It all began with the innovative creation of the first beard brush for Emperor Napoleon, and from there, Plisson has gone on to become the chosen provider for major courts and leaders worldwide. Today, Plisson continues to be the ultimate standard in shaving, offering men the finest materials, expertly crafted by artisans and infused with the creativity of our designers to elevate the shaving experience. And now, Plisson is expanding beyond shaving to transform men's beauty with all-natural treatment options.

About this product

Gold-coloured aluminium shavette. Compatible with standard safety razor blades cut in half.


• Made in France • Weight: 20 g (0.71 oz)

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