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Razorock BBS AS Safety Razor Stainless Steel

Razorock BBS AS Safety Razor Stainless Steel

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Razorock BBS AS Safety Razor Stainless Steel

The 2 - 4 days growth beard remover

Razorock Razors are available on pre order Please see the approximate shipping date under the PRE-ORDER tab.

Engineered in 316L Stainless Steel the Razorock  BBS (Baby Butt Smooth!) Double Edged Safety Razor with the Super Knurl Handle is a razor which  will serve you without fail for your entire life. The AS “STEP AGGRESSIVE” model has positive blade exposure and is designed to handle a few days beard growth by providing a deeper shave.

Made with Marine Grade Stainless Steel, Razorock razors are engineered to perfection at a fraction of the cost of other similar razors. 

The increased curvature of the head allows the blade to be presented at 35% instead of the standard 45%. This gives the razor better handling and ultimately an easier shave.

  • Weight : 105g
  • Handle : 90mm Super Knurl
  • Material : 316L stainless steel

    Made in Canada

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