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Razorock Superslant plate L1++

Razorock Superslant plate L1++

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Razorock Superslant plate L1++

The Razorock Superslant takes the concept of a Slant razor to the next level with a new helical cut that enhances performance and comfort significantly.

Typically, when a razor blade is mechanically twisted (as in a slant razor), it creates a micro-wave on the edges that is hard to see with the naked eye. This curvature makes the razor more aggressive than it should be.

The new helical twist of the Superslant safety razor eliminates this common issue, completely transforming the shaving experience.

To achieve this, Razorock utilized a highly complex CNC machine with simultaneous 5-axis milling.

Thus was born the world's first 316L stainless steel helical blade razor.
Razorock Superslant is the most sophisticated safety razor ever created and guarantees absolute shaving safety.

The Razorock Superslant has three levels of aggression :
L1 (Delicate)
L2 (Medium)
L3 (Aggressive)

But within these main levels, we will find additional plates (sold separately) to further adjust the preferred shaving level.
Each plate is universally compatible with all Top caps (hoods) of the Superslant razor series. Just change the base plate.

Additional base plates :
L1+ | L1++ | L1++ OC
L2+ | L2++ | L2++ OC
L3+ | L3++ | L3++ OC

Important note :

Finish: These razors are working tools, not jewels. We use a vibrating finishing process that maintains the highest possible tolerances for the razors. This means that the razors will not have a mirror finish and will not be free of marks. The razors may show some milling or finishing marks.
Safety razors can be polished by the customer at a later time, but our goal is to sell the razor with the best possible tolerances and at the lowest possible price.
The metal-to-metal contact of the handle locking against the base plate will create a ring mark on the base. It is common for handles to have micro dents due to the tumbled finish. To prevent this from happening, we suggest purchasing the razor-saving washers available here

Technical specifications :

Aggressiveness level: L1++ OC
Plate material: 316L stainless steel
Weight: 18.15 g
Finish: vibratory
Detail: Each plate is engraved with a unique serial number.

Additional information :

The + plates have a milled bevel on the guard that creates greater aggressiveness.
The ++ plates have a milled step on the guard that creates greater aggressiveness.


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