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Rockwell safety razor 6c chrome

Rockwell safety razor 6c chrome

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Rockwell safety razor 6c chrome

Improve your skin, reduce plastic waste, and save a lot of money on shaving with the Rockwell 6C razor. This innovative razor allows you to adjust the blade exposure to your liking, providing a personalized and comfortable experience every time you shave. With the Rockwell 6C, you can turn your shaving routine into something you genuinely look forward to. This razor eliminates scratches, redness, and irritation, leaving your skin smooth and healthy. The Rockwell 6C is made of a durable metal alloy with a beautiful chrome finish and is loved by shaving experts worldwide. It's perfect for anyone who shaves their face, head, or other sensitive areas. Additionally, it includes a beginner's setting that prevents users from cutting themselves while still achieving an exceptional shave.

Weight: 100g

Razor Length: 95mm

Handle Diameter: 13mm

Handle Length: 85mm

Finish: Chrome

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