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Simpson Shaving Brush "Trafalgar 1" Synthetic

Simpson Shaving Brush "Trafalgar 1" Synthetic

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Simpson Shaving Brush "Trafalgar 1" Synthetic

Discover the superior quality and craftsmanship of Simpson Shaving Brush "Trafalgar 1" Synthetic. Since 1919, Alexander Simpson has been a pioneer in creating grooming aids and shaving brushes. Hand-tied knots and expert workers ensure the traditional production of these luxurious brushes. Experience the new Simpson line with the Trafalgar, featuring three expertly crafted brushes. The Trafalgar 1 boasts a sovereign grade synthetic fibre knot, and its ergonomically designed handle, lathe-turned and finished with faux ivory, makes for a comfortable and effortless shaving experience.


Total height: 82 mm

Handle height: 40 mm

Knot loft: 42 mm

Knot diameter: 23 mm

Made in the UK.

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