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Speick Men Pre Electric Shave Lotion

Speick Men Pre Electric Shave Lotion

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Speick Men Pre Electric Shave Lotion

Experience the power of nature with SPEICK Men Active After Shave Lotion, made with valuable speick plant extract to nourish and care for your skin's health, vitality, and natural beauty. This small alpine plant has unique properties that relax and revitalize the body, mind, and soul. In line with our holistic philosophy, we harness the entire plant, carefully extracting its prized benefits from the small but strong roots for use in all SPEICK products.

About this product

Speick Men Pre Electric Shave Lotion raises the hair for a gentle, closer, thorough electric shave. With skin-relaxing lavender and a blend of essential oils.Each Speick product contains the unique extract of the high alpine Speick plant from biologically regulated wild harvesting (kbW). Contains relaxing lavender oil Free from colours, silicones, parabens Free of mineral oil-based ingredients Gluten and lactose free Suitable for vegans Dermatologically and allergologically tested Instructions for use: Before shaving with an electric razor, put some Pre Shave Lotion in your hands and spread it on your chin and cheeks and work it gently into the skin. Allow to work in briefly, then start shaving.


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