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The Goodfellas'

The Goodfellas' Smile Safety Razor Cliffhanger

The Goodfellas' Smile Safety Razor Cliffhanger

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The Goodfellas' Smile Cliffhanger Safety Razor


Discover a new level of shaving pleasure with the Cliffangher safety razor from The Goodfellas' Smile. This elegant razor boasts a closed comb to ensure a comfortable and precise shave every time. Its superior design and mechanical precision make it an ideal choice for daily or alternate day use. Get ready for a shaving experience like no other - expertly crafted with a zamak and brass construction and enhanced with a high-quality chrome finish, the Cliffangher razor will leave you with clean, defined lines and a distinct signature on every shave. Plus, with its optimized blade angle, it's perfect for those new to traditional shaving. Experience the difference and elevate your morning routine with the Cliffangher safety razor.


Product details:

Weight : 79 g
Width : 42 mm
Length : 98 mm
Blade Gap : 0.69
Finish : Chrome
Design : Closed guard
Color : Silver
Material : Chromed Metal

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