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The Goodfellas' Smile

the Styletto blue

the Styletto blue

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the Styletto blue
The Styletto range of Safety Razors from Goodfellas' Smile are CNC precision engineered from Aluminium and feature a coloured baseplate and a moderate 0.55 blade gap with a positive exposure that will suite your daily or even your weekly shave.

Available in 4 base plate colours: Shadow Blue – Sting Red – Snake Green – Sandy Gold.

The Styletto handle features a Nylon washer pre-installed in the handle screw. This special feature locks the washer in place and prevents it from falling out.
NB: If necessary the washer can be removed by lifting it out of its slot and then reinserted.


  • Material: Anodised Aluminium
  • Colour: Silver – Shadow Blue
  • Handle length: 85mm
  • Handle diameter: 13mm
  • Total length of the razor: 93mm
  • Blade Gap: 0.55mm
  • Total weight: 36gr

Made in Italy

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