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The Goodfellas’ smile

The Goodfellas’ smile straight razor inferno with velvet case

The Goodfellas’ smile straight razor inferno with velvet case

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Straight razor Inferno with replaceable blades and velvet case

The latest iteration of the “Inferno” Razor features replaceable blades and is meticulously designed for superior shaving comfort. It boasts a steel construction coated with rustproof industrial Teflon that exudes a fiery aesthetic. The handle-to-head connection has an adjustable screw for complete control over the razor's rigidity, and thick plastic washers ensure durability and resistance to external elements. The insertion of the razor is also vastly improved with a steel blade coated in black industrial Teflon for smoothness and easy half blade insertion.

Velvet travel case
The velvet travel pouch for straight razors is made of high quality fabric with an elegant hook and loop fastener to ensure a perfect closure in all conditions.
This case easily accommodates any freehand razor with a maximum overall length of 16.5 cm and a width of 2.6 cm.

USE SUGGESTIONS – straight razor with replaceable blades
It’s advisable to shave after wiping The Goodfellas’ smile shaving cloth/towel under hot running water. Once wrung out, apply it to the skin for a few minutes, thereby softening the beard which will be less prone to annoying “cuts” and irritation. After shaving, repeat the above process.

How to insert a new blade into the razor (included in the package):

1) Breaking the blade: take a blade out of the package and, without removing it from the packaging, fold it in half from the long side. The pressure will break it into 2 equal parts.

2) Insert the blade into the straight razor: remove the removable clutch from the razor head by pushing it outwards. Place the half-blade on the pins of the clutch that act as guides. Gently reinsert the plug into the razor head.

3) Enjoy your shave!

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