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The Goodfellas' Smile

The Wild Hog Boar Brush by The Goodfellas' Smile

The Wild Hog Boar Brush by The Goodfellas' Smile

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The Wild Hog Boar Brush by The Goodfellas' Smile

The Goodfellas' smile and Omega Brush revisit and give new life to a series of great Made in Italy classics . Brushes with imposing dimensions, capable of assembling any shaving soap in seconds.
The Wild Hog brush was created to support the older brother KING HOG, however meeting different needs.
Despite the name Wild Hog with its 57 mm long bristles for a knot of 27 mm it offers great control in bowl assembly and face lathering.
The node is a hybrid 3/4 fan (fan shape) and 1/4 bulb (bulb shape), the shape has been selected for its versatility which combined with the natural bristles bleached by a powerful backbone.

The handle with an excellent quality / price ratio has dimensions and shapes designed specifically for the professional barber, imposing but easy to handle, it offers a firm grip without hesitation.
Wild Hog aims to offer the user a quick and effective assembly experience, both for tube creams, semi-solid soaps or the much feared hard soaps.

a solid and well placed brush to mistreat with a natural bristle whose motto is "I bend but I don't break!"

Derived from the legendary Omega 49, Wild Hog has been revisited by changing its bristle by changing its length to 57mm.
Wild Hog is the proposal of excellence for professionals who know well what it means to use a large brush.

The question that often arises is why buy an inexpensive pure bristle brush when there are badger brushes that are much more valuable ?.
The answer is simple! we are old-fashioned and we think that the bristle brush (if of high quality) is the best brush that can be used, resistant, mistreatable, cheap, eternal but above all structurally, the bristle improves with use, becoming docile over time and gentle on the face maintaining its incredible strength and speed of assembly, even on the most difficult soap, which is impossible for badger brushes, given their intrinsic softness.

Portable Shave Bowl

Made in Italy by Omega 

Knot: 27mm
Handle: 63mm
Bristle: 57mm
Weight: 72 grams

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