Moustache & Beard Care

We have a selection of Beard Oils and Balms for you to tame and nourish your beard. The Oils are to condition both the beard and the skin underneath. The Balms condition, moisturise and help control the shape of your beard. Using oils and balms on your beard has been proven to reduce itchiness, beard and skin dryness and lower beard dandruff. Beard Balm | Beard Oil | Moustache Wax | Beard Brushes

You took the time to grow your pride and glory, now you have the opportunity to nurture and look after it with our scented and unscented beard products.

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Beard Balm

Facial hair, like the hair on your scalp, benefits a lot from the right conditioner. Beard balm is a conditioner specifically developed for facial hair and comes in a variety of scents. It feels similar to regular conditioner and will keep your beard and moustache hydrated and soft. Beard balms often contain ingredients like shea butter, which not only keeps your beard in great shape, but also protects and hydrates the skin underneath. Both beneath your beard, and in areas where you shave, beard balm will keep your skin healthy and comfortable. This will, in turn, give you the best beard you can have.

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Beard Oil

Beard oil keeps facial hair shiny, soft and smooth. It works like sebum and other natural oils produced by skin. Beard oil is mainly made of carrier oils and natural essential oils (such as argan oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and often with vitamin e) and comes in a variety of scents to suit the particular taste of the user, like vanilla, cedarwood or even lime or mango. 

Beard oil is preferable to waxes, as it has less build-up and better mimics the natural excretions of the skin. For shaping a moustache, of course (or if you are into competitive or recreational beard sculpting), a good moustache wax is the only way to go.

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Beard Combs & Brushes

Keeping a beard looking great is only possible with the help of the right tools. Add a beard brush and comb to your grooming toolbox and you won’t regret it - they are grooming essentials. These can come as individual items, or as part of a beard kit. The best beard products are those that suit your style, travel well, and aren't too pricey for your budget.

Regular brushing keeps those stubborn rebel hairs in check, training them to grow in the direction you want them to go. Choose a set that best suits your style and type of beard – there are many styles to choose from.

Beard Care Tips

Wash It Regularly

Your beard should be washed two to three times a week – not much more, and not much less – using men’s natural shampoo. This will keep the build-up of oil and sweat in check and will keep your beard looking and smelling great.

There isn’t much difference between facial hair and the hair on your head, at least not when it comes to shampoo needs, so there is no real benefit to buying specialist ‘beard wash’ or 'beard shampoo'… it’s just a gimmick, really, or at best a style choice. 'Beard growth oil' is also no better than any other suitable beard oil. The best beard oils are the ones that promote health, softness and shine. Keep your beard clean, moisturised, and the skin beneath it healthy, and you won't go wrong.

You can’t do better than a sulphate-free shampoo that is made using natural ingredients. This last point is especially important when it comes to hair around your nose and mouth – keep it natural, and not too harsh!

Use Beard Oil or Balm to Hydrate

The best way to ensure a soft, shiny, great-looking beard, is to condition it regularly using beard oil. This protects not only the beard hair, but also the skin underneath. Poor skin health can mean itchiness, flakes, and damaged follicles, which ultimately decreases the health and appearance of the beard too. Skin and beard care are closely linked.

Keep Your Beard Trimmed

It is important, of course, to trim your beard regularly. This not only keeps it looking neat and tidy, but it helps train the beard into the desired shape. It’s also a satisfying activity that leaves you feeling great.

In order to get the best results, use scissors instead of a beard trimmer. Scissors are not only less likely to produce split ends, they are also a lot more accurate.

In order to achieve the best results with scissors, snip off uneven patches of your beard every two to three weeks (the longer the beard, the more time you can leave between trims). Follow the contours of your face, keeping the hairs a uniform length. Rounded shapes, rather than overly angular ones, tend to look better, but it’s your face, and your style, so do what works best for your own goals.

In order to catch all of the uneven hairs, and in order to prevent over-trimming, use your beard comb while trimming, and take your time. Comb your beard downward frequently, taking a look in the mirror – both from up close and from a step or two back.

Keep a Clean Neckline

The neckline should be trimmed up every couple of weeks. A trimmer can be used for this, as split ends are less likely, especially if the hair is taken off very close to the skin – they simply don’t matter if they are that short.

Best Care for Skin Under Beard

A good facial scrub product, used a couple of times a week, will remove dead skin cells and flakes. It can also soften the skin and release any ingrown hairs. Just scrub through the beard and the skin will get what it needs. Follow this process with a non-sticky moisturiser or beard conditioner (like a beard balm) and continue to moisturise each morning and evening as part of your regular routine. Massage the moisturiser evenly over the entire area of your beard, neck and cheeks.